Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive Products and Applications
Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive

Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive allows the adhesive colloids to perform chemically crosslinking reactions under suitable conditions after coating, bonding, sealing or assembly, to allow the colloids to have greater characteristics of cohesion, temperature resistance, oil resistance and weather resistance than of the ordinary Hot Melt Adhesives. From the operational composition classification, it can be divided into single-component (one-liquid) and bi-component (two-liquid) Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives.

The use of Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives needs to be based on the adhesive materials, such as glass, metal, ceramics, wood, plastics, textiles, leather, etc., as well as the required adhesive techniques and final testing requirements, to make appropriate selections. Typical applications include automotive, electronics, textiles, footwear, color arts bonding industry and medical applications.



Scope of Application

Soft Packaging Materials

Cherng Tay provides a non-pollution solution for soft packaging materials bonding and will do our best to resolve the problems for you.

Electronic Gadgets

We have a new generation of low-pressure injection molding materials that can be selected while combining the advantages of component protection and speedy operations.

Medical Device

Cherng Tay's Reactive Adhesives can meet the requirements of medical materials and can be customized in detail. Please contact our service team.