Company Structure


  • Management Team

Executive Officers Setup and Authorities / Responsibilities

Job Title Name Authorities / Responsibilities
Chairman Shen Yi Wang Upholding the resolutions of the Board of Directors, leading the Executive Officers to be responsible for the development of the Company's major decisions
President Chung Jen Su Develop medium, long-term business development strategies planning and implementation
Chief Financial Officer Chien Ching Lin In charge of the finance, business, strategy implementation and supervision business matters of the Company.
Assistant Vice President of Research and Development Chiu Ming Liang In charge of the research and development of various new products and technologies of the Company.
Person in Charge of Audit Pei Ying Huang Implement the audit plan approved by the Board of Directors, provide the management level with the operational status of internal control functions, and provide the management level to understand the existed or potential deficiencies timely, ensure the design and effective implementation of the internal control system.