Business of Major Departments


Main Job Duties

President Office

Formulation of Group's operating guidelines, strategies, objectives, preparation, review and implementation of annual budget, planning of short, medium to long term development and investment strategy, supervision and integration of the Group's domestic and overseas parent and subsidiary Companies, budget addition review and project research, planning and implementation.

Audit Office

Assess whether the Group's internal control system is sound and reasonable to achieve effective management and to promote and track the internal audit operation.

Labor Safety Office

Conduct planning and supervision of labor safety and health operations.

Administration Department

1. Planning and implementation of Human Resources Policies and Compensation.

2. Planning and implementation of personnel administration, employee insurance and benefits.

3. Planning and implementation of education and training.

4. Maintenance and communication of labor relations.

5. Implementation of public equipment maintenance and procurement.

6. Establishment and revision of Management Systems.

7. Ensure the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the processes and procedures required by the Quality Management System.

8. Contract review and related legal consultation.

Information Department

1. Integration planning and promotion of information systems within the corporation.

2. Information equipment (software/hardware) management and maintenance.

3. Networking management related matters and maintenance.

4. Computer technical support and management maintenance.


Finance Department

1. The advance of financial policies, funding and management.

2. Maintain the accounting system and accounts, tax operation planning and implementation.

3. Cost control analysis, expense control supervision and integration.

4. Risk management, preparation and analysis of financial statements, and stock affairs management.

5. Financial budget preparation, execution, supervision and integration.

Business Department

1. Analyze market trends and customer needs.

2. Formulation of product prices.

3. Product marketing plan.

4. Development and assurance of customers and markets.

5. Assist in development and promotion of new products.

6. Customer credit control and account receiving.

7. Customer System Service

Research and Development Department

1. Research and development of new products and technologies.

2. Formulation and implementation tracking of new product development plans.

3. New product trial production and new product verification.

4. Product design changes

5. Develop quality standards.

Procurement Department

1. Execution and management of price inquiries, bargaining, quotations, procurement and import operations for domestic and international raw materials.

2.   Selection and management of suppliers.

3.   Execution of procurement policies and strategies.

4.  Understanding relevant market information and research.

Production Department

1. Production schedule formulation and implementation

2. Production performance control and supervision

3. Production, common use, inspection equipment maintained and supervision of calibration checking.

4. Production cost and expense control

5. Non-conforming rate control

6. Production, trial production, production process, production capacity and delivery control of all products