System of Accusation

Based on the principles of fairness, honesty, trustworthy, transparency in business activities, we establish the “ Code of integrity in business ” and “ Guidance and operational process of trustworthy in business ”,We set up an accusation mail box according to the regulation for reporting the dishonest, bribery or any other corruption deeds.

Accusation email :

Reporter should pay attention to following :

  • Please provide prosecutor’s full name ( or anonymous ), and contacted address, phone number, email.
  • Substantial evidence for investigation, in case the information and documents are not specific, we will not be able to start our investigation.
  • Cherng Tay Technology provide relevant contact information, and these will not disclose to any other person. Except requirement and regulation by law, you are not allowed to use the contents our correspondence to sue our company or other party ,or using these for your data of the law suit.

Except there’re another regulation besides the law, we will keep the personal data provided by the prosecutor confidential, also will take appropriate measures to protect your data and privacy.