Company Vision and Business Philosophy
Company Vision

Cherng Tay will continue to develop products with human-based, functional, safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and other requirements to satisfy the full range of customer needs, and continue to pursue self-breakthrough and advancement, also to enable self-advancement, self-affirmation, self-achievement and joint creation of win-win situation with our work partners at the same time, share the results with customers and partners and give back to society.


Business Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction

Providing products with excellent quality and complete services is our basic responsibility. In addition, we provide a complete set of system services (MOMARC) and Creative System Services (CSS) to improve the benefits and added value of your products.

Employee Satisfaction

  • 1. Learning Type Organization - Self-development, Self-achievement.
  • 2. Team Works - Participation in Decision Making Together.
  • 3. Create and Share Profits Together.
  • 4. Joint Career Planning.

Shareholder Satisfaction

  • 1. Create reasonable profits and give back to shareholders' support.
  • 2. Follow the expectations of shareholders to build corporate culture values and shape corporate image.
  • 3. The Company can operate steadily and sustainably with the affirmation and support of shareholders.


Social Responsibility

Research and develop environmentally friendly products - in addition to eliminate organic solvents, reduce energy consumption, and fulfill the responsibility of protecting the earth, to allow working partners capable of self-advancing, self-achieving, nurturing concerted sentiments, promoting family harmony, but also assisting poor students capable of focusing on learning and sponsoring the disadvantaged groups of society and contributing to the stability of society.

Research and Innovation
Future Research and Development Directions:
(1)High-value Technology
Combine both functions of material and adhesive, for Hot Melt Adhesives playing a role as material at the same time.
(2)Destructive Innovation

Overturn the production process, eliminate the toxic manual assembly process order and re-establish the Industrial 4.0 automation environment friendly manufacturing industry to improve efficiency and protect the environment.

(3)Green Economy
Substituting biomass raw materials for petrochemical industrial products, not only improves performance, but also avoid the impact from fluctuation of crude oil prices.
(4)Future Trends
Concern about the pulse of international market, nothing is difficult when things of the future are taken care of today.