Hot Melt Adhesive Products and Applications - Assembly Category
Hot Melt Adhesives used for Assembly

Cosmetics Containers Assembly
It is used for the assembly of cosmetic powder case, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and lotion bottle, with good adhesive capability for ABS, PP, POM, lens and alumina, and also suitable for items with weighted iron design.
It is used for the assembly of buffer foam materials for furniture and 3C product packaging, such as EPE and EPS.
Furniture Assembly
It is used for the assembly of independent tubular mattresses, sofas, and leather chairs. The material covers non-woven fabric, leather, wood, foam, and has the characteristics of longer operating time and shorter solidifying time, meeting the requirements of furniture assembly automation.
Air Filter
It is used in fixed molding and frame assembly for all types of air filter / filter / filter element, with low odor, good operability and good thermal stability.


Scope of Application

Cosmetics Containers

The Cherng Tay's cosmetics container adhesive have a stable quality, no drawing, low odor and good adhesive reliability; it is the leading brand in the industry.

Product Description

Cushioning Material

Cherng Tay EPE cushioning material series adhesive can greatly reduce the degree of wire drawing, while it is designed for low temperature operations, which can reduce the frequency of sand adhesive machine cleaning.

Product Description


Independent tube mattresses, sofas and other furniture assembly, including non-woven fabric and foam bonding. Can meet the manual or mechanical operation of production processes.

Product Description

Air Filter

Clean rooms, home appliances, automobiles, and other air filtration products, providing a choice of mature products required for frame adhesives or wire adhesives.                                                        

Product Description