Hot Melt Adhesive Products and Applications - Footwear Industry Category
Hot Melt Adhesive used for Footwear Industry

Cherng Tay Technology has an outstanding Research and Development Team that has developed a series of hot melt adhesives for footwear industry, meeting the customer's needs of different kinds of materials and production processes and providing a full range of system services.


Scope of Application


Cherng Tay's Heel Adhesive has been the classic product of the footwear industry with unique formula technology that can be used in high-tension soccer shoes and is the leader in the industry

Product Description

Shoe Vamp/Fold

Cherng Tay's Hot Melt Adhesive used for shoe vamps, roll tops, and folds has a wide range of applications, excellent operability, and good adhesiveness which is a general-purpose product.

Product Description