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Primer, Waterproofing Glue

In the construction process of the waterproofing membrane, it is very important issue to ensure that the waterproofing membrane and bottom materials can be completely and tightly sealed. If there is a gap between the waterproofing membrane and the bottom materials, the moisture can infiltrate, resulting in the failure of the waterproofing function. Cherng Tay's Primer has excellent permeability, fast drying and is particularly suitable for special places, such as structural turns, corners, drain outlet, protruding objects, etc.

Waterproofing Glue
Cherng Tay's Waterproofing Glue has fluidity at normal temperature, ready to use, no need to heat and bake. Good filling, very suitable for waterproofing reinforcement of minute places.

Scope of Application

Construction pre-coating

The primer pre-coating before the construction of waterproofing membrane can promote the sealing of the waterproofing membrane and bottom material to avoid causing gaps.

Product Description

Reinforcement Sealing

The overlap sealing of the waterproofing membrane is often the broken point of waterproofing failure, using the Cherng Tay's room temperature coating waterproofing glue to ensure that the waterproofing work has no flaws.

Product Description