Following the Company's “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” regulations, in order to specifically promote Corporate Governance, to implement the objective of Corporate Social Responsibility policy with development of sustainable environment and safeguard of social welfare, the Company identifies the internal and external stakeholders may be impacted by the Company's operational processes, in order to establish good communications channel between the Company and stakeholders, to fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility and safeguard the interests of stakeholders.


The stakeholders identified by the Company are mainly divided into the following six types :

Stakeholders Types

Safeguarding Objectives

Group Colleagues

Company stability, future development, salary, benefits, work safety


Revenue, Profit, Surplus distribution


Product quality, Delivery Schedule, After-sales service, Business coordination


Company size, Development, Check Payment, Procurement information assistance

Government Authorities

Environmental laws and regulations, Occupational safety laws and regulations, Securities Exchange Trading laws and regulations


Implementing Social Responsibility / Protecting Environmental Sustainability



Communication  Channel for the Stakeholders to the Company :

Cherng Tay Technology Co., Ltd. has established open communication channels with stakeholders to understand the needs of stakeholders and their expectations to the Company, and to enhance the interaction with stakeholders, as important references for the improvement guidelines and business indicators involved in the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility policy and comprehensive relevant plans.

In addition to processing and responding to issues of concern to the stakeholders through the corresponding authority and responsibility units, the Company's website (, public emails, Company Annual Reports, etc. are the general communication channels for the stakeholders to learn important Company information at any time through the Company's website and the Market Observation Post System.

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