Hot Melt Adhesive Products and Applications - Packaging Category
Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging

CASEAL (Carton Sealing Adhesives)
Cherng Tay's CASEAL is suitable for use in all kinds of corrugated cartons, including cartons coated with water repellent wax or OPP lamination treatment and is capable of reducing operating time, maintenance costs and enhancing productivity.
Paper Case Adhesives
Paper Case Adhesive is suitable for colored boxes or cardboards that have been treated on the surface and provides good adhesive performance to the paper case under suitable operating temperature.
Label Adhesives
Covering label affixing applications for OPP/PET, paper / plastic composite labels / tin plates, copper plate paper labels / paper roll containers, etc. No wire drawing under high-speed operations and can be used for coating with rollers or scrapers.
STRAWACH (Straw Adhesives)
Suitable for use in adhesion of Tetra Pak / SIG Combibloc / Eklin packaging and straws. Has excellent adhesion and impact resistance in high or low temperatures.


Scope of Application

Corrugated Carton Packaging

We have a complete series of products to solve all your difficulties, including drawing, bouncing on the line, unpacking in the warehouse, special materials...etc.

Product Description

Label on the Wire

Cherng Tay's Label Adhesive will not have problems such as drawing and overflowing adhesive and it has excellent cold resistance and it will remain perfect even if rolled and stirred in an ice bucket.

Product Description

Color Box Packaging

From UV polishing to BOPP laminating, Cherng Tay provides all kinds of surface treatment adhesion solutions and with smokeless and odorless Hot Melt Adhesives to meet your cleaning requirements.

Product Description

Tetra Pak / SIG Combibloc /Eklin Straw Adhesives

Cherng Tay STRAWACH is a product with historical record, with stable adhesion and good operability, wide temperature range and wide suitability of materials.

Product Description